Bound by Love

Dear Mosaic Family,

In the 1970's, American psychologist, Dr. Bruce Alexander ran a study called "Rat Park." Researches had already proven that when rats were placed in a cage, all alone, and offered two water bottles--one filled with water and the other with heroin or cocaine--the rats would frenetically drink from the drug bottle until they all died of overdose. 

Dr. Alexander wondered: was it just the drug that caused the addiction, or might the isolation have something to do with it? 

To test this hypothesis, he built little rat parks, where rats were placed into a "rat community," free to explore and play with other rats. They were given the same access to the same two types of bottles. Surprisingly, they preferred the plain water. Even when they did imbibe from the drug-filled bottle, they did so without abuse or obsession, and neveroverdosed. The power of community beat the power of drugs. I'm not saying we're like rats, but I'm also not saying we're not. 😉

I had read about this study years ago. I was reminded of it yesterday by my Uber driver, who upon pickup, immediately warned me that he's extra chatty because he used to work as a psychiatrist for decades. I told him I don't mind, since, I too am a "professional talker." As you can imagine, putting a psychiatrist and a pastor in car would make for interesting conversation. Of all the profound wisdom he shared, this resonated most: he had worked for decades trying to help people, and realized, what they needed most is love, friendship, and community. He said, "What I did was important. What you're doing, by working to create a true community where people are bound by genuine love, is more important." I just got goose bumps typing this. We exchanged numbers. He's now my friend. He asked if he could come to Mosaic. I told him I'm saving a seat for him, and thanked him for helping write Sunday's sermon. 

Beloved Mosaic, what you're doing matters far more than you realize. 

We're created in the image of the Trinity, One God, Three Persons, bound by love in perfect harmony. Thus, we're created to bond, to God and to people. The cross of Christ binds us vertically with God, Who fills our hearts with love for real people, creating the meaningful horizontal binds we all need.

Join us tomorrow as we mediate upon the wonderful truths of 1 Corinthians 12:12-31, and pray about becoming, ever more deeply, bound by love. 

With Love, 
Pastor Jan

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Membership 101 Class

Sunday, July 28, 1-3 p.m.

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Baptism at Mosaic

Sunday, August 18, 5 p.m.

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