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The College Ministry Kickoff Prayer Walk!

On September 1st of this year, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the "Big move".  The Boston streets, flooded with moving trucks carrying everything from soon-to-be-broken IKEA furniture to cherished mementos transported an estimated 350,000 students into the city to go to its many institutions of higher learning. 

It's inspiring to think that more people than the entire population of my hometown (Pittsburgh, PA #represent!) are here pursuing their aspirations and experiencing life outside the comfort of home and family. That's 350,000 different viewpoints, backgrounds, religious ideations etc...

The College Ministry spearheaded by Drew Dolan officially began in June. It was started as an answer to the call to minister to the city within our city - the students. Drew himself was one of those new students in 2012 when he attended Northeastern University. Since then he has been involved in many campus ministries and outreaches including CRU.

This year proved to be transformative for him. He graduated with an Engineering degree in May, married his High School sweetheart, Amanda, just two weeks later, and pursued his true passion of ministering at Boston's campuses.

The verse that he looks to as his inspiration for the College Ministry is Hosea 1:10:

Someday it will be impossible to count the people of Israel, because there will be as many of them as there are grains of sand along the seashore. They are now called “Not My People,” but in the future they will be called “Children of the Living God.”

It is his hope to provide a space for Mosaic's college students to connect with one another in a way that encourages them and empowers them to be missional on their campus. He also hopes to connect students with the Church body so that they are exposed to a lasting body of believers with whom they can turn to for advice and as mentors in their age-related issues.

It’s kickoff event is the Campus Prayer walk this Saturday, September 26th. The specifics are as follows:

When: 10am-noon on Sat, 9/26 Where: Starting- 369 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 (the Au Bon Pain at Northeastern), ending - somewhere near Mosaic's evening location (25 Monmouth St, Brookline). What: We will be making our way to several different schools- praying for the ministries going on at them and whatever else our students guide us to pray for. We hope this is a time for volunteers and students to experience God's heart for the campuses in Boston. If you're a student and want to share a brief update about how we can pray for your campus please email Drew

To learn more about Drew and his mission in Boston you can follow this link.

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