Soli Deo Gloria

Dear Friends,Soli Deo Gloria is a Latin term meaning "Glory to God Alone." This was the battle cry of the Reformation, attempting to return people's focus to the most central teaching of Scripture: The Glory of God. The term is a reminder that everything God does, He does for His Glory, and everything we do, is to be done not for our own renown, but for the glory of God Almighty.

But what does the word "Glory" mean? It's actually really hard to define, kind of like the word "Beauty." We can use the word, communicate with it, point to examples of it, but we have a difficult time defining it. What does it mean that God is "glorious" and we are to "glorify" him? How can we best "glorify" him? What do we get in return? All great questions! We'll be grappling with these, and others, this Sunday. See you then.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

P.S. Busy tomorrow night? Join us for "Film & Theology" as we watch the movie "Up" and discuss theological implications and undertones. Saturday, March 16th, 7pm. 30 Gordon, St. Allston. Bring your favorite snacks to share with friends.