Adulting: Wisdom for Family & Friends

Dear Mosaic Family,

Nothing has shaped you, and nothing will shape you, more than your family and friends. Just think about how much of who you are, and where you are, is a direct result of your family and best friends. Not only do the closest people in your life form the person you become, but they are also the source of your greatest joys, or your greatest sorrows. 

In the past decade, academic papers covering over 3000 reputable studies have been published in reputable journals all over the world. Recently, social scientists have distilled the results of all these surveys to give the top causes of happiness. Not including genetics (apparently some people just have a naturally happier predisposition... though I haven't met many in Boston), the top four factors leading to happiness are: a robust theological framework for understanding evil and suffering in the world, meaningful work, loving family, and several great friends. If you figure out the family and friends part, you're halfway toward a life of happiness. 

The problem is, we haven't figured out the family and friends part of life's equation. Family sounds good in theory, but it seems like so much work! Maybe I'll just focus on the friends part? Because of our rapidly changing economy, people are moving more often, and changing jobs more rapidly. Therefore, they are having a harder time making deep friendships. Thirty percent of Americans never discuss anything meaningful with anyone. In 1990 Americans had on average about 4 friends (3.8 to be exact). Today it's about 2 friends (1.8). In less than thirty years, the average number of friends has halved. We have slowly become a society of massive loneliness. 

So what do we do? Obviously, what we're currently doing as a culture isn't working so great. Join us tomorrow as we turn to the ancient wisdom literature of Scripture to learn what it has to say about wisdom for family and friendships. 

Praying for you,
Pastor Jan

P.S. Don't forget tomorrow is Mother's Day!



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