What happened to the happy ending?

Dear Mosaic Family,

I don't know about you, but I can stand movies with heart-wrenchingly sad endings. Manchester by the SeaShutter Island, and Se7en, round out my top three saddest movies ever. Stay away. I don't need to get punched in the emotional gut by a movie. I watch movies to be entertained. Want more sadness? Read the news.

If you're from a non-American background, or if you've been exposed to lots of international movies, one the things you immediately notice is America's obsession with movies ending happily. Maybe American filmmakers learned early on that happy movies tend to sell better, partially because the desire for a happy ending isn't just American, it's human. We long for good to triumph over evil, for the resolution of conflict, for love to overcome. 

We've spent three months mining the majestic depths of the book of Nehemiah, and the whole time, I've been dreading this sermon, mostly, because it's not a happy ending. It's actually tragically sad. The people of God, who had all the best intentions of obeying God, return to their former ways of rebellion, and the book ends bleaker than it began. Where is the hope? The bleakness of this tragic ending paints a silhouette of the true hero we're longing for, not Nehemiah, but the greater Nehemiah, Jesus Christ. 

Join us tomorrow as we study the conclusion of Nehemiah, chapters 10-13, and ponder the hope we have in Christ, who is the only one capable of offering us life happily ever after. 

Praying for you,
Pastor Jan


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