"You are my beloved child; with you I am well pleased."

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

One of the strongest desires of the human heart is to make our loved ones proud of us. We take pleasure is seeing the people dearest to us, taking pleasure in us. We're born with this innate desire. From a young age, children long to please their parents. I see this in my kids. Our youngest daughter, Milana (7 months), lights up when she sees mom and dad's pleasure... not just our joy, per se, but the joy she evokes in us (and every time I see her cheeks, I take joy... she's done us proud). I see this in my kids, and I see this in myself. Some of the most memorable moments in my life are when I visibly made my mom and dad proud. We long for that. 

This desire to make our loved ones proud is universal, and it runs deeper than just our desire to make our parents proud. The desire to make our parents proud is an echo of a deeper desire--the desire to be fully accepted and loved. The thing missing in many people's lives, is the incredible soul-satisfying feeling, that your Heavenly Father, the God of the universe is proud of you. We often settle for the fickle pleasure of people, but it's never enough. Likewise, one of the saddest feelings is knowing we have disappointed the One who loves us most. Deep down, we long to please our Creator. We long to live in His pleasure. This desire, to be pleasing to God, is the mark of a Christian... it's proof of being a child of God. 

Tomorrow, we'll look at a text where God the Father, says to God the Son, "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased." We'll ask the question: What pleases God We'll be in Luke 3 tomorrow. You can read ahead here

Praying for you!
Pastor Jan


Understanding your Teen. Sunday, March 11, 9:30 a.m.
Culture changes so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. If you’re a parent of a teen, or teen-to-be, join our youth leaders as we try to better understand Gen Z culture, and its effects on their social and spiritual lives. Located in the downstairs youth room.

College lunch. Sunday, Feb. 11, 1 p.m.
Our next college lunch will take place after the 11:15 service, on the topic of relationships. Come for food, discussion and fellowship with other students.

Members' Worship & Prayer Meeting. Friday, February 16th, 7-9pm. 
If you are a covenant member of Mosaic Boston Brookline please join us for a night of worship and prayer as we welcome in new members and celebrate what God is doing in and through Mosaic. Childcare is provided.

Pre-service Prayer. Join us in the upper hallway of the Temple Ohabei Shalom for a time of pre-service prayer on Sundays at 8:45AM and 4:30PM. It's an opportunity for us to pray for the church, the city, and the world.

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Marriage 101 Seminar. Saturday, March 17, 1 p.m.
Are you seriously dating or recently engaged? Our next pre-marital seminar is open for registration, but has limited space. RSVP to admin@mosaicboston.com.

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