Kids Summer Nights 2018

“Think we can do a Vacation Bible School?”

When the idea came up in our team staff meeting to launch a week-long kids’ camp, the odds were stacked against it. Not enough time. Not enough volunteers. Not enough interest. I’d even tested it with a few people. “What would you think about serving on a VBS team?”


Hmm. Okay.


But with a spirit of determination, we pushed forward anyway, thinking that if nothing else, we would learn quite a bit in year one. God could redeem it for His glory, right?


With everyone moving at breakneck speed, we advertised, we recruited, we planned. We designed T-shirts, memorized dances, decorated our space. It was time to see if anyone would come. Our goal was simple: love the community. Point them to Jesus. Reach families around Boston. And all glory to God, it worked.

IMG_9401 (2).jpg

Day after day, our registration filled. Volunteers wrangled with work schedules to make serving a priority. Many church members joined in prayer for God’s name to be preached and for the success of our event. And the kids came! Throughout the course of the week, we had so much to celebrate:

  • We met our registration goal of 60 kids and surpassed it.
  • We had half of our registered children come from outside our church walls.
  • Our kids raised enough money to meet our mission project goal––seven times over! We purchased seven water wells for impacted families through Compassion International.
  • The following Sunday, we saw multiple families walk through the doors to join us in a worship service for the first time.

Praise God. What may have seemed insurmountable, God always had in His hand. God proved that through a week of silly dancing, singing, crafting and playing that He was in the midst of it. Every conversation, every activity, every lesson was all for His glory. I’m so excited at what God has done through Kids Summer Nights 2018. I love all of the new faces we got to meet. And I can’t wait for what 2019 has in store.

To see more photos from our week together, visit our Facebook page.

- Raquel Ross, Director of Mini Mosaic