The Dinner Party

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

Like many of you, I'm a pretty big fan of the T.V. series, The Office. Every episode has some endearing quality that makes it a little funnier every time I watch. There is one episode, however, that I just can’t bear to repeat. "The Dinner Party." Jim and Pam are invited to have dinner with Michael and Jan at his condo. If you’ve seen the episode, you know the dysfunctional awkwardness that ensues. For me, it’s just too much to handle. 

In Luke 7:36-50, Jesus is invited to a dinner party at the home of a Pharisee named Simon. The events that follow rival The Office for most awkward party ever! When properly understood, the scene is hard to watch, and full of surprises.

It is also full of some very important lessons for us. Through it, we see a shocking picture of what true love, true worship, and true discipleship look like in Jesus Kingdom. Join us this Sunday to find out what I mean, and we see what happens when a notorious prostitute crashes a pharisee’s party. 

God Bless,
Pastor Shane

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