Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?

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Dear Mosaic Family,

If you haven't heard, I'm sorry to report, Popeyes is out of their brand new chicken sandwich.

If you have, for some reason, missed it, distracted by things more important than social media chicken wars, here's a quick recap of how we got here. On August 12, Popeyes debuted its new fried chicken sandwich, a slab of crunchy fried chicken breast on brioche with pickles and mayonnaise, which can be either spicy or not.

A week passed, and most of the world didn't really notice. Then, Chick-fil-A, America's favorite restaurant, according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (for the fourth year in a row) wrote in a tweet: “Bun+Chicken+Pickles = all the [heart] for the original.” Basically, Chick-fil-A, just wanted to remind the world that it had invented the ultimate chicken sandwich. A few hours later, Popeyes clapped back with a tweet of their own: "...y'all good?" The greatest chicken debate of history was on. What a time to be alive!

I'm not here to weigh in on the great chicken debate of 2019. The question I'm fascinated with is: how did Chick-fil-A become "America's favorite restaurant"? This famous story gives us a glimpse into the heart of the organization:

Several years ago the executive leadership team of Chick-fil-a had worked for quite some time on how to keep up with the competitive challenge created in their industry by Boston Chicken (later known as Boston Market). After a period of intense research and market studies, a group of young visionary leaders with big ideas and bright strategies found themselves in a committee room of frenzied debate over how to get bigger faster!

At the height of the dialogue, Truett Cathy the founder of Chick-fil-a began to pound on the table, which was very uncharacteristic of this admirable leader. When every eye in the room turned to him, he exclaimed that he was sick and tired of all this talk about getting bigger. Then he said:

“Gentlemen, I am sick and tired of hearing you talk about us getting bigger! What we need to be talking about is getting BETTER! If we get better our customers will demand we get bigger!”

Join us tomorrow for our annual vision sermon. We don't serve chicken sandwiches, so what do we need to get better at, as a church family? Love. Jesus. Simple.

With love,
Pastor Jan

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