#1 Rule in Comedy & Life!

Dear Mosaic Family,

A few months ago I made a personal goal to grow in my skills as a preacher. Preaching at Mosaic is about as intimidating as following David Ortiz in the batting order. Pastor Jan consistently knocks it out of the park! I’d taken plenty of preaching classes in seminary, but still felt a lot of room for growth, so naturally the next place I turned for advice was the world of stand-up comedy. 

You might think I’m joking, but outside of church, stand-up comedians are some of the only people in our culture who can convince crowds of people to sit down and listen to them talk for 45+ minutes at a time. As I began my research, I quickly learned that there are a lot of people who have spent a lot of time thinking about what makes good comedy. I was also surprised to learn that the most important factor in good comedy is not the content, or even the timing, but the “likability” of the comedian.  As we’ve said before, the formula for likability is (Confidence + Humility = Likability). It’s the Lion and Lamb, Tough and Tender dynamic. Why is that?

The answer is pretty clear when you think about it. When a person is both confident and humble, they tend to be more likable, when a person is likable you are more likely to trust them, when you trust someone you’re with, you relax and let down your guard, and as our guarded cynicism melts away, we are free to enjoy life and laugh. 

Successful comedians master the art of building trust. The question we’re going to wrestle with this week is, “why is trust is something that needs to be built at all?” Why is trust so hard to gain, and so easy to lose? More importantly, how can we master the art of not just creating the perception of trust, but actually being stable, reliable, trustworthy and likable people ourselves? How can we, as follower of Jesus, become the kind of people that others like to be with, and want to be like?

Join us this Sunday as we look at 2 Timothy 3, where Paul teaches his young disciple Timothy what it means to be a faithful, steadfast, and trustworthy person in Christ.

Praying for you,
Pastor Shane

This Week's Announcements

Members’ Meeting & Potluck

Sunday, October 20, 1 p.m.

Our third quarterly members' meeting is coming up! If you are a committed member of Mosaic or being voted into membership, please attend and bring a dish to share.

Songs for Sunday 

If you would like to know what we'll be singing on Sunday, you can find the playlist here.